7 Quick Takes Friday

— 1 —

I’m thinking about starting a new blog, that will be more focused on homeschooling, unschooling, and raising Catholic kids. So, basically more of what I’ve been writing about here, but with more focus on the learning aspects. I also hope to write a bit more regularly, and possibly grow that one enough to turn it into a potential income stream someday. I’m exploring my options and trying to figure out if this is a feasible plan before I commit any time or money to it.

— 2 —

So why not just keep writing on this blog? Well, wordpress.com is a great free and easy to use platform, but it’s basically the strictest one when it comes to customization and monetization. Basically, there’s no way to even potentially make money off this blog hosted where it is.

And, if I’m going to make the effort to write regularly and grow my blog into something significant that more people than my mom read, then I owe it to myself to put my best effort into it, which includes marketing and SEO and all that goes along with that.

— 3 —

So why don’t I just move this blog to 3rdtimemama.com? Well, SEO and keywords and all that jazz, but more importantly because…. IT’S NO LONGER TRUE!

I’m not a 3rd time mama, anymore. I’m a 4th time mama now – and munchkin #4 will be here sometime this October. I’ve held off on announcing this news online so that my friends all found out in person when possible, but I think everyone who was going to be told in person has been.

— 4 —

Pregnancy so far has been uneventful, which I am grateful for, especially as I read about other women with stressful and difficult pregnancies. Pray that things continue to go well, and for me to remember this when I am just tired and cranky and ready to throw a pity party for myself..

— 5 —

Of course, pregnancy is what is giving me the most pause about taking on a new blogging venture. Am I going to be one of those moms that breastfeeds with one arm, while typing with the other? Am I going to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby and throw together a quick post while I’m up? Probably not. But really, I don’t think it matters if the blog gets off to a slow start, as long as it does start, and does get maintained regularly. If nothing else, it will serve as a record of our homeschooling, and in a way that is a lot easier for me to maintain than boxes of paperwork.

— 6 —

Speaking of paperwork, it is time to turn in my Notification of Intent to homeschool the big kid. This feels like a huge step, even though we’ve been homeschooling / unschooling basically since he was born. Submitting that paper makes it official – we are accepting responsibility for our son’s education and all the credit and blame that goes along with that.

Of course, we already had the responsibility for his education – we are his parents! But, bringing ourselves to the attention of the school authorities for the first time is still kind of nerve-racking.

— 7 —

Ok, a cute kid story to end this with.

We have a fairly regular game night here, where we invite a bunch of Dan’s coworkers and play board games, of which we have quite a collection. One of the more popular games we play is called “The Resistance” which involves everyone getting a secret identity as either a good guy or a spy, and the object of the game is for the good guys to find out who the spies are, while the spies try to hide their identity.

If you’ve played the game Mafia or Werewolf, it’s a similar concept to those, except that nobody gets eliminated from the game – we send people on a series of missions, which the good guys try to have succeed and the spies try to cause to fail. So, even if you’re a spy and everyone knows you’re a spy, you still have a role to play in the game; you’re not dead like in those other games.

But a common occurrence is for different people to yell out “I am not a spy!” at various points in the game as others accuse them.

So we were playing this game at our last game night, and we’re in the middle of it, and The Baby walks through the room yelling “I’m not a by! I’m a Peter-weeter!”

Later on, the Big Kid wanted to play too, so we decided to let him try. He happened to end up as a spy, and while not admitting he was one, managed to telegraph his spy status pretty thoroughly by the big grin on his face whenever he said he wasn’t one.  Our guests were kind enough to keep picking him on missions, however, and so he got to play all his fail cards and win – and now thinks he’s really good at this game.


That’s all from me for this week. For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


3 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. I’m a new reader of yours but I love your blog so much that I’m nominating you for the “Epically Awesome Award Of Epic Awesomeness” =D I hope you decide to accept! You can check out the post and nomination here:

  2. Congrats on your “4th Time” and on your Award Nomination from BeeTree Studios!

  3. Linette says:

    Congrats, Caroline & Dan on your 4th!

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