On a day like today…

It’s 10:24am and here’s (some of) what the kids have already done today:

– put together the pieces from a hanging plastic shelf into a flat shelf to hang above their bunk bed. Tried to position it in place, realized it wouldn’t stay up on its own, found angle brackets that would help support it and took them upstairs. They were stymied in further installation of this shelf because the stud finder isn’t in the hanging pocket on the basement door and because I told them they could not put holes in the wall without Daddy. (The Big Kid really really wants a shelf above his bed so “my brothers can’t take my stuff.” I think this will result mostly in a bumped head, but I am quite impressed by the tenacity with which he is pursuing this idea.)

– added several new trains and scenery elements to the big Kraft paper poster hanging on the playroom wall. The Baby participated too with lines and squiggles accompanied by “I draw a helicopter,” “this is a car,” etc. and also several new connectors between pre-existing train cars. The Big Kid was quite helpful to his little brothers keeping them supplied with various colors of crayons, and suggesting areas where The Baby could add his creations without affecting existing pictures.

– The Baby moved the ride-on trucks into the “dark dark parking garage” under the dining table

– I created a little reading corner in our living room by bringing down the “reading pillows” (also called husband pillows, basically a cushion that has a back rest and arms) from their room and moving over the book basket. The Big Kid weighed in with his opinion that it should be the small book basket and the big one should stay where it is in the playroom. He also decided the reading lamp needed to be moved over there, and, after I said okay, moved it over and set it in place all by himself.

– The Big Kid and The Baby have since been sitting in the new reading corner and are working their way through all the books in the basket.

– oh, and earlier we had quite the intense conversation that covered dying and going to Heaven, how only God knows when we die, how we knew some people in Heaven like their great-grandparents, was it possible for people to have more than four grandparents, how God knew us even before we were born, and other things I can’t remember.

And that doesn’t even count the itty-bitty things like The Baby counting the steps as he walked down them, or pouring ketchup onto his plate “my telf!” Or The Big Kid saying when they woke up this morning, “I’ll go tell Mama that P is awake. You stay here and take care of him.” And The Little Kid staying and playing with The Baby until I got up there to get him out of his crib.

Yeah, I know, there’s nothing “educational” in any of what I mentioned. But it’s amazing to me to watch these fascinating little people grow into their own personalities while I stand by ready to help if they need me. To quote a parent in a book I just read, “Everytime I think of something to teach them, they’ve already learned it by themselves!”


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