7 Quick Takes Friday August 10th 2012


It only just occurred to me that the 7 quick takes is the perfect format for me to record all the cute things the kids say – every week!


The little kid and I have this exchange several times a day:

“Mama, do you know what a volcano does?”

“Yes, I do know what a volcano does.”

(Rapidfire, all in one breath )“A volcano lets the hot lava and hot gas out of the top hole of the volcano.”

Pause… “And that’s what a volcano does.”


The little kid again, just this morning, “Mama, your coffee cup has the American flag and the American Kivil War on it,”

me,totally bemused, “why yes, yes it does.”

He’s 3! and he pronounced it “kivil” which leads me to believe he’s remembering the word from reading it rather than hearing us talk about it. Again, he’s 3!


Oh yeah, I had a stroke of genius last week, and it’s still working. Send the kids outside on the deck with an assortment of bowls, cups, pitchers (all plastic and expendable), plus some water and a bunch of ice. They love transferring ice and water between everything, making a big mess in the process and getting themselves soaked, but because it’s on the deck, I can let them have fun without stressing because the floor’s getting dirty.


So we almost have a schoolroom set up. It’s our downstairs office, aka the formal dining room, but we took out Dan’s old desk that was in here, and put in a new desk for the kids. I’ll post pictures once it’s actually finished and the room is not a disaster area, but it’s basically four 2-drawer filing cabinets with a plywood top. Yep, that means lots of storage (and lockable storage so I can put all the stuff away that I don’t want them getting into all at once).

I also bought a couple of bulletin boards, which we haven’t put up yet, some posters (allposters.com was having a sale), and a calendar. This is one of those year-round calendar thingies that comes with inserts for the month, days, seasons, weather etc. plus things like “birthday,” “no school,” “labor day,” etc. We’ve been having fun playing around with that, although it’s annoying that there really aren’t any special days to mark in August.

The kids are pretty excited to be able to play with their new school supplies, but I’ve been making them wait until our official “first day of school” which is this coming Monday. I hope I have my act together enough for it to go well. Smile


Take a look at this picture the little kid made from foam pattern pieces. I really do need to get them a big set of the tesselated pattern blocks for some fun math concept work.

(This is where I would embed the picture, except that I can’t get Flickr and WordPress to cooperate, so please click on the link below. Thank you.)


Also, the baby is definitely already sorting these by shape and color, and he will (usually) point to the right one if you say, for example, “which is the blue one?” I am seriously scared by how quickly these kids learn things.


Ok, this happened a couple of weeks ago but it’s too cute not to share.

First, the background – we have a set of those big foam mats that go on the floor; each is a square foot, and they hook onto each other to make a big square. Ours is the alpha-numeric set, so A-Z and 0-9, and the kids’ favorite thing to do with them is to pull out the letters and make words with them.

So anyway, Dan and I are in the kitchen, when we hear the little kid calling from the office, “Mama, I spelled the word earthquakes!”

So Dan and I both walk in there and burst out laughing to see what he spelled. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this kid’s phonics abilities!

Here’s what he wrote: “ERFQAKS”

Update: As I was writing this, he called me over “Mama, I spelled the word ‘markers'” What he spelled was ‘mrkrs’ 🙂

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