I think we can officially declare the big kid potty trained now. Today he willingly peed in a potty (the big toilet, no less) at a friend’s house – despite being hassled by their extremely large dog. He also pooped in the potty at home (twice) and used toilet paper to wipe his butt.

Most surprisingly, he wore his underwear to bed last night, and woke up dry this morning. Although, he wasn’t willing to try it again tonight, so that one might take some more work.

He’s also peed in public toilets, and pretty much goes all by himself while we’re home with only minimal reminders.

There’s clearly more work to be done, especially on the ‘stay in the bathroom until your butt and hands are clean’ front. Still, whatever’s left in the process is merely fine-tuning and practice. The major hurdles have been overcome.

There is light at the end of the diaper changing tunnel!


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