Best game of tag, evah!

Today, the big kid, the baby and I were sitting on the couch, and everybody was in a happy mood (for once). So I leaned down and kissed the baby, spontaneously, and then tried to lean over and kiss the big kid, but he ducked away. So I tried again, and he ducked again, but on the third try, I caught him and planted one on the top of his head.

Thus started the game, where I would lean over, and he would try to avoid me, which eventually led to me trying to kiss him, and him running away.

And then, his compulsive need to order everyone around kicked in, and he was like “Ok, Mama, you run, and I’ll catch up and kiss you.”

This seemed like a reasonable plan to me, so I ran off down the hallway, with him at my heels. Unfortunately, this didn’t really lend itself to many kisses, seeing as how he was behind me, but then I surprised him by cutting a corner, and was able to hug him and get a kiss.

After that the game was really on, with us running down different directions in order to end up face to face with a kiss. And, of course, I took many detours in order to plant kisses on the little kid and the baby as well.

We tried to get the little kid to join in the run around and get kisses game, but he wasn’t terribly interested. And, eventually we all wore ourselves out, and were too tired to keep running.

Still, that was the sweetest game of tag I’ve ever been involved in Smile


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