So the boys were playing with their trains tonight, as they are most nights, each with his own circle of track and his own vehicles.

This peaceful state is a fairly recent development, in that the big guy has just realized that if he sets up the little guy with his own toys, he is more likely to be left alone to play with what he wants. Not that this stops him from bossing the little guy around at all – “No A, put the train on the track.  The truck stays on the floor! No, no, no, the train goes this way!” (etc.)

Still, both of them are completely distracted by what toys the other one is currently playing with, and, under the “grass is always greener” illusion, are always trying to take the other toy.

The big guy is more direct, in that he either just takes the toy (and then gets scolded and told to give it back) or he tries to negotiate a deal where he substitutes some other toy in trade for the one A has. This can get funny sometimes, because his idea of a fair trade is not really based on reality. “Here A, play with this sippy cup while T plays with the train!”

The little guy is more sneaky in his toy-stealing. He generally waits for T to be distracted by something, or walk away (or be called away by Dan or me to do something), and then he swoops in and takes over playing with whatever toy T was playing with. Generally, T runs right back over, grabs the toy back, and does his whole “no, play with that train!” routine. And usually there’s some pushing involved, which leads to a scolding and often a timeout, depending on the circumstances – and thus the little guy ends up with the toy anyway.

So, back to tonight. They were each playing with their own track and trains when we announced that it was time to change their diapers before they went to bed. Disregarding their protests, Dan picked up T, put him on the changing table, and started to change him.  Without missing a beat, A moved over to T’s track and started playing with those trains instead of his own. I noticed this, and pointed it out to Dan, saying “Look, A was  like ‘Aha!’ and got to the trains as soon as you picked T up.”

As soon as I said this, the little guy yells “Aha!” with a smug little smile on his face as he continues to play with the trains.

Dan and I both completely cracked up! We were laughing about it for a good few minutes, even as we were reassuring T that he would get his trains back in a minute since as soon as he was changed it would be the little guy’s turn, and then he’d be back to his own trains again.

A gave up his ill-gotten toy with pretty good grace, and went back to his own track without too much protest. And they both went up to bed shortly after, so there wasn’t too much more opportunity for disagreement to crop up.

The “Aha!” was perfectly timed, though, and was definitely one of the funniest things either one of them has said in a while.


One thought on “Aha!

  1. Mom says:

    Aha! was wonderful! reminded me of the time when Errol was about 15 months old, wasn’t talking much at all, always serious, but when Denis arranged some boxes on top of a shelf, he watched and watched and when Denis was finally done, he said, “Good!”. That was very timely just like Andrew’s Aha!

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