Gift ideas for the kids

Since Christmas is coming up, I figured I’d start a list here for us, and any friends or family that might need ideas.

Both boys:

  • Expansion track and trains for their Trackmaster set. Both of them love playing with these trains, and T in particular has gotten really good at making elaborate tracks for the trains to run on. (Don’t worry about duplicates; with the way they fight over the various pieces, having more than one of the same is probably a good thing.)
  • Trains of any kind, especially of the Thomas and friends persuasion. If it’s small enough to fit on the Trackmaster track (doesn’t necessarily have to be compatible), that’s a bonus
  • Books – you really can’t go wrong here

The Big Guy:

  • Whatever toy A is currently playing with 🙂
  • Jigsaw puzzles – he’s gotten really good with the one we have (which has Thomas on it, but he’d probably be interested in other ones too). Just make sure the pieces aren’t too small or too many – 12-20 pieces (at least about 2″ on each side) is probably the range we’re looking for.
  • Magnetic doodle pads – he has a little one now that he likes, but a bigger one will help his creativity. Plus it’s a lot less messy than markers/crayons and paper (which he has plenty of).

The Little Guy:

  • Whatever his big brother is playing with 🙂
  • Mathcbox / hot wheels type cars or other vehicles
  • Musical toys, especially ones that sing.

I’ll add to this list as ideas come to me, but those really are the highlights of their interests right now.


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