Weekly highlights

Memories I don’t want to forget:

  • The big guy telling A he was in timeout, and the little guy just quietly walking over to the hallway and sitting down as though he really was.
  • The big guy responding to my asking him what he was doing with “I’m trying to read a book.”
  • The little guy singing Baa Baa black sheep
  • The big guy working on his Thomas the Train puzzle and coming to me saying “I did the whole thing, Mama!” (and he had!)
  • Getting T to keep his Thomas Halloween costume on for about 2 minutes, and him saying “I love it” (then taking it off 10 seconds later)
  • The little guy walking around the library going “red TRIANGLE! red CIRCLE!” while I tried desperately to get him to be just a little quieter about it 🙂
  • Dan and T carving pumpkins together, then putting the carved, lit Jack O Lanterns on the sidewalk, and sitting on the porch steps to look at them.
  • The big guy sitting on the porch steps (in 40 degree weather) saying “I’m waiting for the moon.”
  • The little guy sitting in the middle of the office floor very seriously “reading” Macbeth.
  • The little guy sitting in the hallway (where he can’t see the TV) but still calling out as soon as the theme music comes on “It’s Jeopardy!”
  • The little guy saying “fall down!” whenever he, someone else or something else did, whether accidentally or on purpose. (And yes, he did knock down a few things so he could get to say it).
  • Both kids walking up and down the hallway, each wearing a pair of my shoes. (I’m embarrassed to admit that my 3 year old son does a better job walking in high heels than I do).



One thought on “Weekly highlights

  1. Mom says:

    I am going to read this blog everyday, pl post more.

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