I signed us up for an activity with our Mom’s group this coming week in which we will be painting pumpkins. To this end, I asked Dan to pick up some small ones when he went grocery shopping today. He called me from the store to say that he could get a smallish pumpkin for 3 bucks, or a bag of 5 mini-pumpkins for the same price. I told him to get both, and I’m glad I did.

The boys love, love, love the tiny pumpkins. They each took one and carried it around for an hour. Twas a struggle to get them to leave them downstairs when we put them to bed.

The big guy really liked the pie-sized pumpkin too. He picked it up, came and found me and said, “Look Mama, it’s a widdle pumpkin, just like T!” (“Yes, baby, you’re a little pumpkin too.” 🙂 )

The little guy tried to carry it too, but it’s a little too much for him. He can pick it up, but then can only take a step or two before he’s forced to set it down again. But he looked really happy during those 2 steps.

All in all, I’d say we definitely got well over our $6 investment’s worth. And this is before we do the whole pumpkin painting thing on Tuesday.


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