Hours of fun!

Well, okay not actually hours, but a good solid half-hour of fun for both kids with hardly any quarreling or whining.

And with what?

2 empty heart-shaped candy boxes left over from past Valentine’s days. (I knew I was saving them for a reason – and not just that I can’t ever throw out a good box).

The little guy just sat there holding up the box, or the lid, or the big crinkly paper that covers up the candy going “heart box” over and over. Then he discovered the plastic insert with all the depressions that used to hold the candy, and he had a blast pushing in every single one and going “circle” as he did it.

The big guy on the other hand kept taking all the components out, putting them back in, and basically resetting the box. He did try to switch out his insert for the little guy’s once – he wanted the one with all circles rather than the one with squares and rectangles. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit, and he couldn’t get the lid to close.

He kept saying “It’s a big heart-shaped box of candy,” so I asked him if he was going to give it to Sally (ala Linus in Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown). He said “No, I’m going to give it to Linus.” Then he said Linus would have to give it back to him, so he could play with the shapes.

Doesn’t sound all that exciting when you put it down on paper, but they really did have a great time with something that’s essentially trash, and that makes me feel good about not spending a ton of money on fancy toys for them. Not that they don’t love their fancy toys too – just proof that they don’t really need more of them.


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