Super fast lunches and snacks

One of the major sources of stress when my first 2 kids were newborns was only having short periods of time in which to eat, and not having anything handy. There were so many times I’d walk into the kitchen, find nothing easy, get overwhelmed by the thought of planning, preparing and cooking a dish, and just walk back out again. Of course, I’d just have to repeat the procedure an hour or so later, until finally hunger and desperation overcame my reluctance to eat junk food, and I caved in to a protein bar or shake. (And yes, I do count “convenience health food” as junk food.)

So, one of the things I want to have on hand this time is a list  of things that I can eat that are super quick and easy – meaning I can go from thinking “I’m hungry” to having food on a plate in less than 10-15  minutes. I also want to make a list of foods to prepare ahead of time and keep on hand, so they are readily available when I only have a few minutes in which to eat.

I’m trying to keep only healthy things on the list, meaning basically no junk carbs, and making sure there’s adequate protein in anything I eat. I don’t worry about fat, either too much or too little. I’m pretty sure that, if you keep the carb count low, your body knows how to deal with fats so they are not a problem.

Here’s my preliminary list, and I will edit this post to add to it as I come up with new ideas. I would welcome any ideas that anyone else might have too.

  • Cheese quesadillas
  • Hot dogs
  • Sandwiches on lowcarb or oopsie bread
  • Slices of summer sausage and cheese
  • pepperoni chips and dip
  • cheese crackers and dip
  • a big tossed salad with lunch meat, cheese, pickled veggies
  • 1 minute muffins
  • scrambled eggs or omelets

Make-ahead foods to keep on hand

  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Chicken salad
  • tuna/salmon salad
  • mini-quiches
  • oopsie bread
  • almond crackers
  • grilled/baked chicken breast
  • cooked, seasoned hamburger meat
  • various dips and spreads

Okay, that list is way shorter than I would have hoped it would be. Please leave me some ideas for other quick things I can eat. I will thank you every time I’m not short with my kids because I’m starving 🙂


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