The worst part of being pregnant

is the constant heartburn.

No wait, it’s needing to pee every 20 minutes.

Or maybe it’s the being hungry all the time.

Or the brain fog, so everything takes longer for you to process.

Not being able to tie your shoes?

Being winded after walking up half a flight of stairs?

No, it’s definitely the fact that you need power naps to get you through the day.

Although, that’s just because you’re not sleeping at night – because between the heartburn, the peeing thing, and the leg cramps (oh, yeah, I forgot the leg cramps – must be the brain fog), you just can’t get comfortable.

Well, anyway, the worst part of pregnancy is definitely being constantly kicked in the ribs and the bladder, which I guess brings us right back to the peeing…

All I’m saying is, this kid better be worth it…


One thought on “The worst part of being pregnant

  1. Mom says:

    Soon it will be over! and you will have a beautiful baby who will make you forget all about pregnancy!

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